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We Deals in Software, Hardware, Website,
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Online Jobs, Live Projects & Partly
Education Portals / Services.

Our Work


We are specialist of ERP's, we mostly build EPR's but can build any type of Software's. Our ERP's are result of years of experience of our developers and market research and the output is fawless. We have coverered all type of common and special propblems so that user have no issue in operation.
We also build Custom Software's dedicated to single client on special conditions. We are fond off building Security Solutions which integrates with Hardware to result in streamless data security.
Our few Software's are very heavy loaded and satisfy need of entire organization, as our rest of software these software's are also intergated with our other features.


We build both Dynamic Responsive sites and Static as well as Static Responsive sites. These sites are either hosted on our server or independent service providers. The sites are having creative designs and are combination of error free experinces of our years long development team.
We build any type and every type of website with ranges of extensions and plugins to make wonderful effects and combinations. The entire development team works on dedicated system and results in rapid build up.


We are specilist in both Android & Windows Applications. Although our most of the softwares are integrated with Ecommerce Apps yet we design free end Mobile Applications for users too.
These Applications can work freely on the web as well as extract data from any software which user demands. We are fond of connecting databases of different type of softwares for this purpose. Security is our prime concern and each Mobile Application is heavily equipped with Security Patches.
Getting reports, connecting with desktops, connecting with servers, interconnecting with other applications are also features we build.

How We Work!

For Customised Softwares we follow these tehniques. The project cost depends on the time and total dedicated man power involved in the project. These estimated cost can vary but it rarely happens.

50% advance payment is compulsary requirement for starting a custom projects. 25% at the time of Installation and rest 25% before demo period is over.

Every customised software have chargable ammendments after demo period, unless there are any technical mistakes, which rarely happens.

Business Partners


Laxmikant Kashyap
Office Number- 213, 2nd Floor, Block - D, Rao Trade Centre, Behind Big Bazaar, Satyam Chowk. ,
Bilaspur, Chhatisgarh 495001


Vikash Singh
Near OPD Gate, Central Hospital,
Dhanbad - 828105


Sudip Roy
Shop No:-3, Jindal Chowk,
Raigarh - 496001


Arun Tanti
SKB Sarani, South Dumdum,
Kolkata - 700031










Intelligent Software

We have a special type of feature that we can intergate with any software. This feature enables system to do automated entries, even without user interference. The feature activate and deactives software by itself and all typing and mouse interface is managed by the software itself.

Android Solutions

Our E-commerce apps are build on two ends. Both Application are usually free with most of the software. One of them are equipped with Seller to get reports and manage inventory. Another one is equipped with Customers to generate orders.

Antivirus Solutions

We have tested numerous Antiviruses and recommend users of our software likewise. The antivirus should be light weight and should be with best protective features. We even build Antivirus for commerical purposes.

Network Solutions

We are found of building Network Solutions for customers. We take care of every requiremnts, streamless data flow, security and less complicated hazzards.

Technology Enhancement

We take entire technology enhancement project. Whether individual or corporate pr enterprises. We can turn any general working enviorement in special one, like wired to wirelss or remote setup. This is only a example as we do not want to disclose this here.


We offer education also, our standard are based on live projects and practical hazzards. We are not institute but we offer internship like programs to get attached with us and learn directly from professionals.


We offer enterprises to be part of our organisation. We can be mutual partners and can grow together.

Marketing Solutions

We provide different type of Marketing Solutions.
1.Greetings Whatsapp Advertisements
3.Bulk SMS
4.Email Marketing
5.Whatsapp Marketing

Pricing Plan

Basic GST Software




SMS Integration


Multi Company

Light Weight

Standard GST Software





Stock Management

SMS Intergration

Intergrated Mobile Apps


GST Enabled (1-4)

BarCode Integrated

Customized Billing Format

Secure Database

Auto Updates

Frequent Backup

Supports Any OS


Enterprises Software


Multilocation Support

Multiple Terminals

Dedicated Database Servers

Intergrated APP's

Free Training Sessions

Security Softwares


Pre-Boot Authentication

Hard Disk Encryption

USB Key Based Booting

Copy Protected Media

On Demand Write Protection

Undetectable Harddisk

Shadow Technology

Shield Remote Controls

Hardware Sharing

USB to Dongal

Secure Desktops

Intelligent Software

Automated Entry Via SMS

Automated Entry Via Email

Self Activated Softwares

Product List (Demo Version)

Support Software for every software

Please download the above software first and install it. Then download any software below and install it. Without this support software below demo software will not work at all.
Orbit AutomobilesOrbit BakeryOrbit BookShopOrbit ComputerOrbit Electronics
Orbit FMCGOrbit GarmentsOrbit Grain marketOrbit HotelOrbit Institute
Orbit Mobile ShopOrbit PesticideOrbit PharmaOrbit SchoolOrbit Spare Parts
Orbit Super MarketOrbit TransportOrbit Personal ManagerOrbit Print WorksOrbit Studio

  • 1.All products are ready to use, only activation required.
  • 2.Demo has both day bond and entries bond.
  • 3.Updates do not disturb database.
  • 4.Some features do not work in Demo
  • 5.Activation are in mode of Activation Key & Dongals
  • 6.Cloud Backup is additional service
  • 7.Any software can be converted to portables
  • 8.Personal FTP's can be assigned for Backups
  • 9.On Feild Technical Support
  • 10.Working hours telephonic & remote desktop support